As warmer temperatures welcome in the vibrant landscapes of Central Texas, the walls of the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery will also explode with color and rhythms when Daniel Maltzman and Brandon Miller present new works in their “Marking Time” art exhibit which opens April 1, 2014. A Meet the Artists reception is slated for Saturday, April 12 from 6-9 pm. The exhibit runs through April 30, 2014 and guests are asked to RSVP to the April 12 reception as there is limited space.

“The works in “Marking Time” set out to make something unbeknownst to me.  Using a large canvas and a pointillist technique, I make random marks to “record” time and to stay in the moment, “ said Miller. He adds, “this meditative technique attempts to eliminate the ego and reduce painting to its simplest form which is ‘marks in time.’  The end result is a giant Rorschach for the viewer.”

Maltzman adds, “My work is about the enjoyment of painting and my style is a mix of modern masters with a contemporary edge. I will be showing some of my “Warholesque” portrait women paintings as well as my modern ‘richter inspired’ abstracts.”



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Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (the gallery will stay open later for the evening receptions above)

Los Angeles native and Pop Surrealist artist Daniel Maltzman grew up painting, golfing, surfing and going to the horse track. His art elegantly reflects these influences and Californian motifs. Maltzman’s paintings are contemporary and inspired by great artists in history including Richter and Warhol. The work consists of layers of paint and imagery that exude energy and life. The viewer is drawn into a world filled with movement, as a signature of Maltzman is his ability to juxtapose abstract mixed media with the feminine figure. The appeal of Maltzman’s work has drawn the attention of collectors including Lee Lacocca, Steve Tisch, The Galen Center, Eugenio Lopez (the Jumex Collection), and many others. Musicians, actors and celebrities also fawn to Maltzman’s work including Justin Beiber, Britney Spears, members of Bruce Springsteen’s band, Adrian Greiner, and Petra Ecclestone to name just a few. Maltzman’s paintings are often featured in film and television. Past exposure includes Nip Tuck, ABC’s Don’t Trust the B- in- Apartment 23, Dirty Sexy Money, The Dog Whisperer, Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Orange County.

Austin resident Brandon Miller has created a large body of work that includes paintings, sculpture, and choreography over the past 15 years. A self-taught artist who was introduced to the arts by a mentor who was contemporaries with artists coming out of Black Mountain College in the 50’s & 60’s. Most notably, Miller’s work has been inspired by the “happenings” movement created by Robert Rauschenberg, Merce Cunningham, & John Cage. A quite artist, Miller has been selected for two prestigious statewide surveys of contemporary art, the New York State Biennial & Texas Biennial. Born in Lansing, Michigan, he has developed a distinctive style in his dot paintings which explore anonymity and time. He paints on a supersize scale with many of his works ranging in size from 10’ to 20’ long. As a dance student at Cornell University, Miller enjoys the somatic expression and hard labor of working a big canvas. In Austin, his work has been on display at Four Seasons, The W, Russell Collection and most recently, a movie titled “Untitled Project V” by filmmaker Terrance Malick. Born in Lansing, Michigan, Miller started his art career in New York City and moved to Texas in 2002. He currently resides and works out of his home studio in Austin.

Twelve years ago Lisa Russell transformed Austin’s arts landscape when she opened Russell Collection’s doors in 2002. With the gallery’s expansion in 2009, which nearly doubled its original size, Russell Collection remains the premier destination for world-class art in Austin and Central Texas.


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