Art Soothes the Soul, Art is Powerful!

Even more so now, it has become evident to me that Art soothes the soul. As I walk around my house I find myself looking at the art I have collected over the years and reflecting about the experience, emotional and visible, of the day I decided to purchase the art. What did I see in the painting that day? How did it make me feel? What was the experience like at the gallery? Do I feel the same about the art today that I felt that day?

Art bring happiness in to our home, because no matter what I am able to stare at a piece of artwork, ponder my day, experience my emotions. The way I feel about a specific piece changes for me depending on what is going on in my life. It may make me laugh or smile, feel angst or cry. Art is meant to create an emotional response whether good or bad. I marvel at the fact that after running through my thoughts of the day I always end up being comforted by the beauty in what artists create, the talent they possess, the emotion they are able to express and evoke in me. Art can soothe the soul.

In these times of uncertainty and stay at home orders we no longer have the luxury of walking into a gallery, a place to have a visceral experience with a piece of art, a chance for a one on one with a piece. The world had changed overnight and everyone is trying to figure out how to navigate the world of social distancing. Don’t distance yourself from art. Art is powerful!!

– Lisa Russell