Alberto Murillo

A native of Madrid, Spain where he lived and operated an Interior Design company and showroom. A self-taught artist, he now lives and works in Tampa. Alberto ’s work emerged into the United States contemporary art market around 2007. Within the past six years, the surfacing of this artist in the states has been celebrated by the market and is a result of the assessment of his work. Alberto’s work has influences of abstract expressionism with concentrated areas of various colors including greens, oranges, yellows, blues that are swathed and poured onto the panel in a color blocking effect. His artwork has been exhibited in over 30 shows across the United States, as well as Europe, and he is currently represented by seven U.S. galleries, including spaces in Tampa, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Palm Beach, Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA. Alberto’s art is also featured in over 40 private collections and in several public art installations, including “The Element” building and St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa, St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Holland & Knight law firm in Orlando and “The Luxe” building in Atlanta.