Candy Le Sueur

Candy Le Sueur is an internationally recognized artist that has exhibited her work in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, and United States. The National Academy Museum, Jersey City Museum, and Drawing Rooms, among other venues, have exhibited her paintings, prints, and encaustics. Her work is included in several private collections both home and abroad. She received her Fine Arts Degree from University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She continued her studies at National Academy School in New York City. She lives and works in Jersey City. Candy says this about her work: “I start with imagery from the natural world and let this take me on a journey. Mountains, horizons, trees and other natural elements find their way into my work. My paintings and monotypes evolve intuitively. I am intrigued by the concept of making images that may be recognizable but are not specific to a time or place. I add to the work numerous times until I feel it is visually complete. Monotypes /Works on paper : Monotypes are one off, unique works on paper and cannot be reproduced. They are created by using printing inks which are applied onto a plate with a roller. The plate, together with dampened paper is run through an etching press so the image is transferred onto the paper. There is a spontaneity in this process which is difficult to recapture, hence the term, monotype or mono – print or works on paper. Collage is sometimes added to allow a slight shift in dimension in the work. These are cut from paper that Candy prints so that this merges into the work.