Daniel Maltzman

Daniel Maltzman is fast becoming the new name on the short lists of savvy art collectors. Maltzman’s art, which features his signature “Faces,” and “Shadows,” can be seen across the country, from locations as trendy as the One Sunset in Hollywood, CA, to the classic appeal of Yankee Stadium. Continually catching the eye of top Hollywood producers, his work is often featured in film and television, most recently on an episode of Dirty Sexy Money. An artist for over 15 years, Maltzman’s work draws from contemporary influences in his use of color and design but incorporates a pop-culture bent all his own with his use of high-impact shadow images and faces. “My inspiration comes from everything around me,” says Maltzman. “A dynamic billboard, a stunning fashion ad, a woman masquerading in the night – anything can set off an idea that will turn into a painting.” The appeal of Maltzman’s work has drawn the attention of collectors with an eye toward global talent, looking for styles that can speak across geographic boundaries, including Lee Iacocca, Steve Tisch, The Galen Center, Eugenio Lopez (the Jumex Collection), and many others. One such collector has described Maltzman as “one of those quite rare ‘breakthrough’ artists who is in the process of defining a new vision, a new paradigm, in which you are bringing astute references from the past into a dynamic sensibility of the present, to create a measure of elegance and beauty that I believe has been missing from contemporary art for much too long.” Recently Daniel Maltzman’s painting “Fame” was featured in the Emmy Green Room along side of Sam Francis and Frank Stella. Following that, Maltzman was commissioned by World Peace One to make an eco friendly painting of the band Velvet Revolver for their 2008 Sundance Film Festival performance. Showing no signs of slowing down, Maltzman presented Paris Hilton a larger than life portrait of the heiress at her birthday party in Las Vegas and soon after delivered another for the 2008 Academy Awards. Daniel Maltzman’s paintings can also be seen beginning Summer 2008 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s newest Las Vegas club, Wasted Space, created by Corey Hart. Daniel’s paintings were also recently featured on television shows Nip Tuck, Paris’ New BFF, and MTV’s Catwalk. He received extensive global media attention for his Britney Spears painting that was auctioned on eBay for the Promises Foundation Charity.