Hayley Mitchell

Hayley Mitchell is an artist based in Austin, Texas. Growing up in Texas she was mentored by her artist grandmother from an early age. Childhood trips to Paris museums and constant mentorship helped to develop Hayley’s unique artistic style. She studied Graphic Design at Abilene Christian University.  Hayley is often inspired by colorful abstract art and gorgeous interiors. Since childhood she’s been fascinated by the intricate costumes and artistry of Bali, Japan, Nepal, Russia, India and more. Hayley’s grandmother brought back painted jars and batiked textiles from Bali when she was young and the colors and patterns really resonated with her. As a mother of four, Hayley works from home, often painting once her children are asleep and sometimes while her children paint along side her. In order to maintain a good work life balance weekends and evenings are dedicated family time. The human form and faces have been a life long fascination. With the inspiration of strong women from every culture around the world, Hayley Mitchell portrays the strength and beauty these women share, with her unique, bold cubist faces and figures. Hayley Mitchell’s style is definitely Post-Impressionistic and Cubist-inspired.