Katherine Houston

A native Houstonian, Katherine Houston has spent the majority of her life in the Houston area. She began her career as an investment broker in the late ’70s, leaving in the late ’80s to begin a family. Katherine has devoted much of the past 20 years to studying and producing art.

Katherine’s studies have included institutions such as The University of Houston, Glassell School of Art, The Art League and Hudson River Valley Art. She has also studied privately with a number of renowned artists, such as Will Clem, Ruth Munson, Polly Liu, Gary Hernandez, Skip Lawrence, Arthur Turner, Gael Staack and Quang Ho.

Katherine works with a number of mediums, grounds and styles of painting. She explores abstract and bold scenery as motifs to describe the idea or infinite space. Her abstract paintings usually start with a color idea, then evolve into compositions featuring color as the primary subject. Currently she is participating in a number of art exhibits and galleries in the Houston area, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC Area and Chicago. Katherine continues her education in the art world, focusing on abstract painting.

Katherine’s work is held worldwide by a number of collectors, both private and public.